A Genuine Vigneron

We are located in the Valley of the Pinhão river, on the left bank at an altitude between 250 and 370 meters. Our specific location, solar exposition and orientation, soil, grape varieties and vines age make Quinta do Fojo an exceptional terroir of superb complexity.

Vigneron (vitivinicultor) is the way we are registered at the IVV which is the Entity that rules the wine sector. This category allows the making of wines only using grapes grown in our own vineyards.
Because we truly believe our vineyards are exceptional we work them in exclusivity.

We look to make the best use of this inspiring heritage that is Quinta do Fojo's terroir.

The aim of our viticulture and oenology is to make wines that respect Quinta do Fojo’s property, represent it and through which we can have a real sense of place.

It is a clear purpose, only focus, humility and firm conviction lead us to it. We work in the utmost respect for the vineyard and its fruit with oenological practices that does not manipulate the end result and does not separate the wine from its roots – the vine.
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Sense of place

The Quinta do Fojo wines are of the finest quality with unique and distinctive characteristics.

We produce exclusively one wine from each vineyard of the two of the Quinta do Fojo, the old vineyard from late XIX century and the 30 year old vineyard. In most of the vintages the wine from the old vineyard is released as Vinha do Fojo, while in truly exceptional vintage is released as Fojo. Our classification method is applied only to the old vineyard. The wine from the 30 year old vineyard is released every year as Quinta do Fojo.

In each vintage, two wines: in the majority of vintages Vinha do Fojo and Quinta do Fojo or, in the years that we have classified as truly exceptional vintages, Fojo and Quinta do Fojo. This makes our work very different from the usual comprehensive portfolio of wines of different quality and styles.

Quinta do Fojo wines express the character of its terroir and the identity of the vintage, they are wines worth to be appreciated in every stage of its development.
Vineyard of Fojo
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